Speak the Web

Speak the Web is back; taking the web on tour in July 2013. Bringing some of the best names and new faces in the web industry to a city near you!

Upcoming Tour Dates

Liverpool — 24th July

Elevator Bar, Parliament Street

Dan Rubin, Harry Roberts, Kirsty Burgoine and Tim Harbour

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Past Tour Dates

Manchester — 10th July

2022NQ, Dale Street

Mark Boulton, Joe Leech, Rachel Shillcock and Anthony Casey

Sheffield — 16th July

Old Monk, Norfolk Street

Paul Lloyd, Gavin Elliott, Barry Briggs and John Owens

Nottingham — 17th July

Antenna, Beck Street

Naomi Atkinson, Ryan Taylor, Phil Wright and James O'Connell

Leeds — 23rd July

The Wardrobe, St. Peters Square

Rachel Andrew, Syd Lawrence, Phil Hawksworth and Ruth John