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Thanking For A Beautiful Web

Hosted by designer and author Andy Clarke and his special guests, For a Beautiful Web master-class workshops and DVDs make learning the most up‑to‑date web design and development information creative.

Andy be speaking at both the Manchester and Leeds legs of Speak the Web and For a Beautiful Web are providing some great prizes in the shape of DVDs and books.

For a Beautiful Web


For a Beautiful Web regularly hold workshops to help us learn the most up to date techniques in web design. Their next workshop is:

Designing for Mobile with CSS3 with Dan Rubin

Join world-renowned mobile designer and author Dan Rubin for a full day learning the key steps to transform your site for mobile users, from content strategy to CSS3 to device detection and optimisation.

The workshop will be in Birmingham on 1st April 2010, with early bird pricing at £275.00 +VAT.

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Speaker swap

We’ve all done it right? Screwed up I mean? You know how it is, you’ve got a list longer than your arm, you’re spinning plates, juggling projects and just sometimes you forget to do something or forget to check something?

OK glad it’s not just me then because that’s exactly what we did. We forgot to check with Stuart that he was available for 17th February (we’d already moved the date) and it turns out he’s off to sunny Barcelona then (lucky git). We hope Stuart accepts our sincere apologies for screwing up.

Fear not though we have a plan

In order to jump this little hurdle that we see before us we’re going to swap Stuart and Ben over (yes, we triple checked). So now Stuart will be speaking in Leeds on Thursday 11th February and Ben will be speaking in Manchester on Wednesday 17th February.

As both of them are going to be speaking on the subject of mobile so we hope that everyone is cool with that?

Not cool with that?

If you were really hoping to catch Stuart and Ben in there original locations, don’t worry you have two options:

  1. We will gladly transfer your ticket from Manchester to Leeds or vice versa, just let us know
  2. We will refund your ticket if you can’t make the other venue, again let us know

Just to reiterate, we’re sorry we screwed up but we hope you understand and it’s not caused too much inconvenience.

Don’t forget that in Manchester we’ve got a special guest lined up, anyone want to have a stab at who it might be? We’ll even send you a free book if book if you’re the first to get it.