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Event #2: Leeds

These events are experimental in many ways.  Rich & I haven’t organised anything like this before, so we really grateful for the feedback we got from Mondays gig in Sheffield.  One recurring comment was seating, so never let it be said that we ignore this stuff – in Leeds we sorted seating!

It was interesting for us to see how each event could really have a very different feel: because of the venues, the line-up of speakers and the audience – perhaps after doing our first in Sheffield, our increased confidence too?  With that in mind, we’re really looking forward to the next two in Liverpool on the 15th and Manchester on the 17th!

The venue (upstairs at BarRoomBar on Call Lane) seemed to work pretty well and gave a nice intimate feel about it.  Really nice to be able to look out from the stage to see so many faces.  I have to admit, I did actually quite enjoy being the compare this time around ;)   First up, Stuart Smith gave us an overview of the complexities around developing native apps and widgets for mobile devices, which I’m sure many that haven’t really dipped into mobile development might not’ve realised – and you can’t go too far wrong with a slide of a corn on the cob shaped vibrator!

Chris Mills from Opera regaled us with songs from his far distant homeland gave us some great insight into HTML5 and all of it’s idiosyncrasies – which although did share a bit in common with Bruce’s talk from Monday, also showed how much there is to take advantage of with this new version of HTML.  A couple of great plugs for HTML5Doctor that Rich contributes to, which were welcomed!

Part of what these nights are about is socialising – talking to people you’ve not met before, so hopefully the break started people on that path.  We again had some books and merchandise to give away, kindly donated by No Starch Press & O’Reilly but were fortunate to have Gavin & Ellie, organisers of the DIBI conference down from Newcastle and generously gave away some t-shirts and a ticket to their event.

We were really pleased to be able to welcome Andy Clarke to our little gig series, not only as a speaker but as a sponsor, so we started by giving some jammy lucky winners a complete set of his For a Beautiful Web DVDs and a copy of Transcending CSS (enjoy!) before getting stuck into Chapter 1 of his Hardboiled CSS talks ‘I, The Jury’.  As someone said to me after, it was like seeing a famous comedian doing a warm-up show in a pub in London – one of those rare moments where you get to see something they’ll be using in some capacity at bigger gigs, working it through and being able to feed back to them.

There was a loads of great examples and ideas to digest and while being a little controversial in some eyes, there’s some great reasoning behind it.  Aim for the edges, do the best you can with the capabilities the browser has to offer and find a good level of experience for browsers that maybe don’t support everything.

Also in the audience it was great to see Sam (@nocturnalmonkey), who’s done all of our design work for the gigs and Rich Quick who’s Squizzle app is one of our sponsors and has helped make it all possible – especially after traveling all the way down from St Andrews to be there last night!

All in all, we’re really pleased that so many people came and made it a success and we’re grateful to all of the speakers and sponsors who have helped to do this.  Roll on Monday… after some much need sleep ;)


Dan & Rich

Great to read a few opinions on last night’s gig already:


We know it’s taken a while but we can announce that the venue for Leeds is Bar Room Bar (or BRB as it’s more commonly known) on Call Lane near the Corn Exchange. That should be central for pretty much everyone! As with the other events we’ll be open registration from about 6.30pm, with the first speaker at 7pm so you’ve time to grab a cocktail beforehand.

Specific details about BRB can be found on their website.

Leeds, like the Manchester & Sheffield events has now sold out. Thanks to everyone that’s bought a ticket, we look forward to seeing you all there!

Speaker swap

We’ve all done it right? Screwed up I mean? You know how it is, you’ve got a list longer than your arm, you’re spinning plates, juggling projects and just sometimes you forget to do something or forget to check something?

OK glad it’s not just me then because that’s exactly what we did. We forgot to check with Stuart that he was available for 17th February (we’d already moved the date) and it turns out he’s off to sunny Barcelona then (lucky git). We hope Stuart accepts our sincere apologies for screwing up.

Fear not though we have a plan

In order to jump this little hurdle that we see before us we’re going to swap Stuart and Ben over (yes, we triple checked). So now Stuart will be speaking in Leeds on Thursday 11th February and Ben will be speaking in Manchester on Wednesday 17th February.

As both of them are going to be speaking on the subject of mobile so we hope that everyone is cool with that?

Not cool with that?

If you were really hoping to catch Stuart and Ben in there original locations, don’t worry you have two options:

  1. We will gladly transfer your ticket from Manchester to Leeds or vice versa, just let us know
  2. We will refund your ticket if you can’t make the other venue, again let us know

Just to reiterate, we’re sorry we screwed up but we hope you understand and it’s not caused too much inconvenience.

Don’t forget that in Manchester we’ve got a special guest lined up, anyone want to have a stab at who it might be? We’ll even send you a free book if book if you’re the first to get it.

The gates are open…

Hello and welcome to our online abode for Speak the Web.  It’s been a challenge to pull these together (we often wonder why we chose to do 4!) but we’re officially off an running.

We’ve tried to keep it simple: come out to hear some talented guys enthuse on stage and have a few drinks for the fraction of the price of a full conference.  Hopefully you’ll agree that we’ve gathered 12 great speakers for your listening pleasure from names known across the globe to those you won’t have heard before.

We’ve asked the guys to talk about what they think is cool or what they love.  From the sound of things you’ll have everything from HTML5 through to setting up in business and from typography to the mobile web.  Each night we’ll have a few prizes to give out too.

So go on, buy a ticket or a tour pass now, tell your friends and we look forward to seeing you there!


Dan & Rich