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Hello Melbourne

We would like to say a big hello and thank you to Melbourne Host another our key sponsors.

A little about Melbourne

Melbourne Logo Melbourne is a Manchester-based server hosting provider with a strong focus on customer service. We’re caring, honest and ethical. We won’t sell you something you don’t need. Our staff love their jobs, and love helping our customers.

Our services are suited to design companies and freelancers that are looking for a more reliable solution than is offered by traditional reseller and shared hosting providers. You can carve our servers up to offer your own shared hosting solutions or even give servers to each customer, all under your account and control, but backed by our knowledgeable and friendly support team.

Something extra from Melbourne

Not only have Melbourne agreed to sponsor Speak the Web but they’ve also agreed to give away a virtual machine hosting package at each event worth a whopping £588! Wow. The full details of the prize on offer can be found below:

Virtual Machine:

  • 512MB RAM with one 2.5Ghz CPU core
  • SATA Space: 20GB SATA (7,200rpm) Disk Space

Addon Services:

  • Private port on Shared UltraFire™ Firewall Cluster
  • Management Level: Self-managed Server

IP Transit:

  • 1000GB monthly data transfer allowance


  • Linux – Centos 5.x 32bit
  • Plesk 10 Domain License (Optional)

Commencement Date:

Handed over within 4 business hours.

Initial Term:

12 months

The Location:

Manchester Technopark, Archway, Manchester, M15 5RL.

What an awesome price, it will be available to attendees of each event with more details supplied on the night. So thanks once again to Melbourne for sponsoring Speak the Web and supplying these fantastic prizes.

Thanking For A Beautiful Web

Hosted by designer and author Andy Clarke and his special guests, For a Beautiful Web master-class workshops and DVDs make learning the most up‑to‑date web design and development information creative.

Andy be speaking at both the Manchester and Leeds legs of Speak the Web and For a Beautiful Web are providing some great prizes in the shape of DVDs and books.

For a Beautiful Web


For a Beautiful Web regularly hold workshops to help us learn the most up to date techniques in web design. Their next workshop is:

Designing for Mobile with CSS3 with Dan Rubin

Join world-renowned mobile designer and author Dan Rubin for a full day learning the key steps to transform your site for mobile users, from content strategy to CSS3 to device detection and optimisation.

The workshop will be in Birmingham on 1st April 2010, with early bird pricing at £275.00 +VAT.

More information
Book your place

Say hello to KMP Digitata

As we said previously, all events need cash to fund them, which is why we’re pleased to annouce the first of our primary sponsors – KMP Digitata. KMP were really keen to get on board with Speak the Web in order to promote communication between agencies in the North West as well as encouraging designers and developers to learn new skills.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank KMP for their help and support with getting Speak the Web off the ground.

A little bit about KMP

KMP Digitata Logo

KMP Digitata were established in 1991 and have been working in Digital space since 1995.

They are a group of innovative and exciting digital marketing practitioners, creatives, client side and server side developers based in Manchester. KMP Digitata excel at creating and managing user-centric digital experiences that deliver outstanding ROI for their clients, who include Asda, Manchester Airport Group, Barclaycard, Makro, British Gas and The Open University.

Since their inception, KMP have been at the forefront of cutting edge technology and marketing strategies as well as dedicating themselves to discovering and nurturing fresh talent, many of which you will find carrying on their ethos within various digital agencies and blue chip companies throughout the North of England.

KMP Digitata strive to be a source of original ideas and content and encourage all employees to proactively explore their specific areas of inspiration in order for the knowledge gained to be transferred to colleagues, clients and peers within the digital space we all share.

KMP director Gez Daring commented about supporting Speak the Web:

We are proud to be sponsoring Speak the Web which embodies the culture we endeavor to champion here at KMP Digitata. The North of England is a hotbed of creativity and we look forward to the thoughts of our established experts and the introduction of new talent who will take our region forward.

Want to get invovled?

If you want to help out with Speak the Web, why not get in touch we have a couple of sponsorship opportunitiess still available.


All events need cash to fund them; venues to be paid for, transport, expenses etc.  We have what we think is a fair ticket price but it would help us greatly to have the support of a few companies or organisations to make these nights as good as they can be.  That’s where we need your help!

We have a sponsorship document made up, which we will gladly send out to anyone that would either like to get involved. Our two Key sponsor slots have been taken (more on those soon) but we have a couple of contributing sponsor slots available. Lastly if you don’t want to formally sponsor but would like to offer your support by putting some money behind the bar at any one of the events you can do just that. Please drop us a line if you’re interested, it’d be great to have you on board!