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Charity Donations

Here we are just over a month on from Speak the Web. The format seemed to be a great success with all four dates selling out, a couple hugely over subscribed. We’d like to also thank all the folk who emailed, tweeted & completed our questionnaire to give us valuable feedback. You told us what was good, what wasn’t so good and most importantly which charities you thought we should be helping to support. As you know Speak the Web was run as a non for profit organisation and the time has come to announce those charities now all the bills have been paid.

In total we’ll be donating a whopping £1500 to charity from these 4 events. We think that’s a huge success so thanks to everyone who attended, the speakers for dontating their time, the venues and all of you for your help in promoting the events. We’ve chosen 3 charities to donate to each of which are listed below.

Charity 1 – The Archer Project

Sheffield – £500 Donation

Linked to the cathedral in Sheffield, The Archer Project works with those who are homeless or in vulnerable housing to get the help they need. That may be through advice, providing food or hygeine facilities or counselling along with support in changing their lives.

We’ve chosen this because it’s run by very grass-roots kind of help people that trying to give. While it doesn’t cure a problem entirely, volunteers attempt to not only try and deal with people’s short term needs but offer support if it’s needed to help change people’s lives in a really positive way over the long term.  The website was set-up as part of Barcamp Sheffield’s outreach, which is linked to the work Jag does through The Gist Foundation, who was our ground support in Sheffield.

Thanks to those who suggested who suggested The Archer Project, we think it’s a really worthwhile cause.

Charity 2 – Eye Fund

£500 Donation

The Eye Fund is a national charity that help support people that lose or have severe impairments to their eyesight either through degenerative conditions.

We’ve chosen this because not only was it suggested to us by one our speakers, Jake, but because there’s link to web design too.  It was set-up in memory of Phil Sherry’s brother, Simon who himself experienced loss of sight and it seemed appropriate that where there was a story that was personal to someone around us, we should try and help.

Charity 3 – St. Gemma’s Hospice

Leeds – £500

Based in Leeds, St Gemma’s provide specialist medical nursing care to the terminally ill, predominently cancer patients.

We’ve chosen this because it’s another local charity from one of the areas we’ve visited but as cancer has affected so many people we’ve known, in particular Dan’s Nan & most recently, Uncle lost their lives because of cancer, this felt like something that had some meaning to us and that although it’s a large hospice, the work they do is tough so we hope this helps in some way.

Thanks also to those who suggested who suggested St Gemma’s.

What now?

It would be remiss of us to not mention that we have decided to keep a small amount of money in the bank in order to help us continue Speak the Web in the future. We’ve got a few ideas in the works that you’ll no doubt hear about in due course but for now, all we can say is if you want to be the first to find out what, join the mailing list, subscribe to our RSS feed and follow us on twitter.