An introduction to Digital Marketing. Part 3: the 3i Methodology – Initiate, Iterate, Integrate

An introduction to Digital Marketing. the 3i Methodology – Initiate, Iterate, Integrate

One of the main principles of Digital marketing is the so-called 3i methodology, namely “Initiate,” “Iterate,” and “Integrate.”


This is the first phase in which you have to approach your potential customers and understand what they are looking for in order to build your marketing strategy around them.


Iterate means that you have to continually keep learning from your customer interaction and apply this new knowledge to optimize your marketing activities effectively.


Integrate means that it is usually best to integrate digital channels and traditional marketing activities in order to reach most of your potential customers. In other words, you have to combine Inbound and Outbound strategies in a very specific manner that matches your strategy.

Digital marketing is a field that is developing and advancing systematically, starting with new media channels, but now continuing with cutting-edge tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Regardless of the fast and innovative development of the field, however, the Digital Marketing methods and functions remain largely unchanged. Planning, awareness, conversion, retention, analysis, and optimization are still the core of Digital Marketing. Understanding and applying these methods and functions will change the way that your brand can interact and behave in the digital world.

In the next article, we will discuss effective digital marketing objectives, and how you can develop your own. So, keep in touch and stay tuned to keep learning!