Best entrepreneurship master degrees in the Netherlands

Best entrepreneurship master degrees in the Netherlands

Do I need an MA degree to become a successful entrepreneur?

Let me guess, you are relatively young and strongly determined to become a great entrepreneur. Perhaps, you have almost finished your bachelor degree and you have already planned to launch an innovative startup. However, now you are wondering if attending a master’s study program to improve your skills would be the best choice for you.

Well, the answer is, most likely yes.

Master degree for business

Although it is indeed true that starting a new business requires courage, vision and imagination, other qualities such as maturity and specific know-how are too often underestimated. Entrepreneurs are constantly faced with uncomfortable situations and unexpected problems are can present themselves around every corner.

Obtaining an MA degree focused on business can be a significant factor for giving you an edge. The facts speak for themselves: besides a few cases of famous entrepreneurs who dropped out of college, most talented startuppers actually got an MA degree or even a PhD. Indeed, a good university can offer you not only a vast store of knowledge and expertise, but also a solid network to help you launch your business in the best possible way.

Especially in a country with a strong entrepreneurial tradition like the Netherlands, particular attention is paid to the study aspect. The land of tulips and windmills is also home to some of the best universities focused on management. Moreover, all kinds of opportunities are offered to young startuppers who like to combine business and study.

Which are the best Dutch Masters focused on business?

If you are interested in getting your business degree in the Netherlands, the following universities offer the highest rated entrepreneurship Master degrees of the country:

The Rotterdam School of Management

The Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) is an internationally renowned university. This institution offers a wide choice of Master degrees, mostly in the 12 – 18 months duration. Moreover, the Part-Time Executive MBA allows students who have already started their career to study and enhance their competencies while working. Alternatively, the MScBA Master in Management is specifically geared toward students without a business Bachelor degree who desire to improve their managerial skills. Finally, the MSc International Management/CEMS, which is considered to be the flagship of the RSM institution, is a highly selective 18-month Master program that offers outstanding opportunities. This program is part of an international network that includes more than 30 highly ranked universities, which gives students the unique opportunity to get experience during a semester abroad and to establish connections with the most prestigious businesses all over the world.

The Maastricht School of Business and Economics

Although relatively young (founded in 1976), the Maastricht School of Business and Economics (SBE) is one of the highest-ranked universities in the Netherlands. Particularly interesting are the excellence programs provided by this institution. The International Triangle Programme, for example, offers both applied and academic experiences within a network of high-level universities around the globe. The Double Degree Program, instead, enables you to obtain two masters simultaneously by attending a joint course with one of the partner universities abroad – located in Chile, France, Portugal, Canada and Belgium – where you will complete part of the program. Finally, the Premium Honours Program is a special opportunity for the most talented and motivated master students which entails spending a period abroad to hone your skills and make significant connections with renowned companies, NGO’s, or educational institutions.

Maastricht School of Management

Maastricht is also home to another young prestigious business university, the Maastricht School of Management (MSM). This private institution offers several courses and even a completely online-taught MBA, which makes this university accessible from any location. The Master of Arts in Management (MM) is a full-time one-year program geared toward recent graduates and professionals with less than 3 years of experience. There is also a wide range of two-years Master of Science programs, which all revolve around engineering management. Notably, the MSM has built out a partnership network with several institutions all over the globe and it organizes a Research Summer school.

University of Amsterdam – Amsterdam Business School

The University of Amsterdam (UVA) offers a wide choice of entrepreneurship master degrees. Its Business School (ABS) is a high-ranked institution that maintains various strict selection procedures. Currently, the ABS is the only place in the Netherlands where it is possible to study Actuarial Sciences. This is a discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to analyze future uncertainties, which is particularly useful to calculate financial risks. This is of course extremely useful as an entrepreneur, whose bread and butter consists largely of future uncertainties revolving around financial risks.

University of Groningen – Faculty of Economics and Business

The University of Groningen (UG) is one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands and its Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) is particularly renowned. Although it places a strong emphasis on research, the FEB also offers a selection of courses such as the Master Small Business and Entrepreneurship that focus on entrepreneurial economy and practical managerial skills. In addition, the FEB offers double master joint courses with one of its partner universities located in France, China, Indonesia, Germany, Norway, Chile, Romania, Sweden, Hungary, Spain, Poland, Lithuania, Denmark, the UK and the USA.