How to Furnish your Perfect Working Environment

Furnish your Perfect Working Environment

We all know the image of the digital nomad freelancer working from anywhere – coffee places, hotels, a bar, even the beach. This imagery sure makes for nice social media posts and stock photos, but in reality, it’s far from ideal. A desk with your laptop is generally not sufficient to run your own business, especially if you’re in the startup phase of your company.

Natural Light

Registering natural light with your body makes you produce more serotonin, a.k.a. your happy hormones. And if you’re happy, your motivation and productivity will get a boost, which are both essential ingredients for enterprising through your workdays. Keep in mind, though, that you don’t have the sun reflecting from your screen or shining directly into your eye, so make sure to position your workplace accordingly.


Besides giving you plenty of natural light, having your desk close to a window increases your vision field, which gives you a more spacious feeling and the idea that you’re in a bigger office. As a result, you’ll literally have more space to think and let your creative mind wander. Being next to a window also enables you to have a constant flow of fresh air, which is, of course, essential to be able to think at all.

Make sure to maintain this spaciousness throughout your workspace inside as well. So, refrain from cramming your room with furniture and other kinds of belongings. All you really need is a desk, a good chair, lamps, a closet or various desk organizers, and perhaps a seat or space to relax and decompress.

Wireless & Smart Tech

When it comes to wireless technology, especially printers and speakers are convenient to be able to regulate from anywhere in your office space. Wi-Fi for working, however, might sound like a must-have, but this really depends on your type of business operations. A cabled internet connection is faster and far more stable than Wi-Fi ever will be, so if a constant connection is important for you, laying a cable connection to your working computer is definitely worth it.

Since Wi-Fi comes standard these days, you’ll still be able to use that for your mobile & smart devices. And the best thing about your working computer using a LAN cable is that these devices will be able to use more of the Wi-Fi bandwidth. Finally, having a smart thermos system helps you maintain a perfect climate inside. This is perhaps the most underrated tool, but it is ideal because you tend to notice too late when the climate inside is getting uncomfortable, which causes you to slouch over your work without realizing why you’re so tired.

Green All the Way

Sustainability goes a long way these days, and there are many ways to contribute to this. You can get some of your furniture second-hand, for example, or get refurbished technology such as a refurb phone, laptop, or tablet.

However, going green is not limited to fuel, furniture, and technology. You’ll also want some of our green friends in your office space; we’re talking about plants here of course. These literally add life to your environment, and watching them grow along your business makes for the perfect company. Now any type of plant works in that regard, but getting plants that clean the air in your house, such as English Ivy, Spider Plants (Chlorophytum comosum), Snake Plants (Sanserviaria), Calatheas, or any type of fern, significantly increases the available oxygen in your office space, meaning you’ll have more energy and feel more clearheaded.

Final Tips

When you’re looking for a working desk, consider one that you can move up and down and an office stool that matches the highest setting. This way, you can alternate working while sitting on your comfortable desk chair, while half-sitting-half-standing on your stool, and while standing up. This makes it easier to keep a good posture, which allows you to breath better and maintain a stable blood flow all the way up to your brain.

Then, does looking for plants, pots, and earth not sound appealing at all to you, not to speak of taking care of them? Have a look at the Plantsome website, which offers office plant packages, corresponding pots and plant furniture, and even an app that explains to you how and when to take care of your green buddies.

Co-working spaces

Finally, maybe the things that we mentioned here aren’t feasible for your house or office – space-wise, time-wise, or for whatever other reason. If that’s the case, consider working in one of the many co-working spaces available throughout the country. These office spaces are already set up as ideal working environments, and then you can use this list to look for your perfect place inside there.