An Inspirational Story of Success is an operating system aimed at managing teams and organizing workflow. Although it isn’t the only organization offering this kind of service, it has quickly become a leading company in the sector.

The brief history of

Born as a small Israeli startup, formerly known as Dapulse, has experienced explosive growth, and, now it counts some of the most important companies worldwide – Hulu, BBC studios, Coca-Cola – among its customers. had already distinguished itself in 2019, when it won numerous prizes, including “The Best Project Management Software” awarded by FinancesOnline. Moreover, in 2020, it has earned a reputation as one of the most interesting startup of the year.

Currently, is valued at nearly 2 billion dollars. It is therefore clear that this company has nailed one of the most important perquisites for becoming a successful start-up: to identify a widespread problem and propose an effective solution to solve it. Indeed, whether you are an entrepreneur in technology, a freelancer who is running his own business from home, the CEO of a big company, or a small business focused on e-commerce, managing workflow is certainly a demanding task. And, managing it well can save you time and money.

Lucky or perfect timing? Covid-19 and working from home

Starting from autumn 2020, the crisis triggered by Covid-19 has highlighted all the pros and the cons of working from home and an effective work operating system is certainly an valuable tool for the virtualization of both business and workforce. On the other hand, it must be noted that the Covid-19 crisis has accelerated an inevitable process already underway, the so-called “smart working.” The smart working vision argues that it is possible to work anywhere and be connected with anyone thanks to modern technologies, which was already a growing trend well before the global pandemic with several companies having introduced such an approach already during the first decade of the 2000s. Also with regard to the Netherlands, starting in 2010, the number of start-uppers and freelancers running a business from home has significantly increased.

You might therefore think that just launched the right service at the right moment. Indeed, the timing always plays an important role in the business world. Yet, as we have already mentioned, is not the only company specialized in work operating systems. It is thus legitimate to ask how this startup outperformed the competition.

What sets apart?

What is the secret to such quick success? What distinguishes from other similar products? To answer these questions, your favorite entrepreneur website –, that is 🙂 – has decided to try in order to see how it works. And, we can already tell you that it has positively impressed us. Indeed, it turned out to be much more than a simple project management tool.

Here is a list of the features we liked most: is intuitive and visually effective

Forget about interfaces too difficult to manage. is easy, simple, and intuitive. Even a child would understand how to use it. Moreover, within the team of, we even felt that it is fun to use. In addition, is very well visualized. This is indeed a great thing because it is not only aesthetically pleasing but also very clear to understand. Thanks to the various widgets and graphs offered by, you can have every single aspect of your company under control and easily visualize the big picture in order to get a lucid idea of what is going on with your business.

Do you know what this means? Having a clear visual representation about any aspect of your business entails the possibility of making crucial choices based on objective data rather than on potentially misleading intuitions. And this is an invaluable asset for any company!

If you have your own business, can help you in having a lucid idea about what is going with your enterprise. is completely customizable

One of the most recurrent problems with other work operating systems is that they are often not flexible enough to adapt to your business. Not all companies are the same. Especially emerging start-ups focused on innovative services often have to face very specific – if not unique – management situations., therefore, is completely customizable and this means that it is suitable for any type of company. So,

Did you start your own business from home? With you can build a tailored work operating system to organize your workflow and manage both your deadlines and customer payments.

  • Are you running a big startup, with several decentralized offices? With you can check the workflow and the workforce within each of your branches.
  • Did you start an online business? Via you can launch online ad campaigns, send emails to your customers, and track your sales pipeline.
  • Are you part of a small startup with multiple members? Use to stay in touch with your collaborators and check who is doing what, how, and when.

With the management of your business is just a click away. And via the app, you can control all the most important aspects of your business even from your smartphone.

If you are part of a (small) business with multiple members, can help you in staying in touch with your collaborators.
It does not matter if you are running a big or a small business, definitely offers you the best way to manage your team is like a Swiss army knife

As co-founder and CEO, Roy Mann, explains is “a veritable Swiss Army knife for managers around the world.” This work operation system really allows you to do everything: sending emails, managing video productions and ad campaigns, tracking your sales pipeline, interacting with your team, setting schedule notifications and reminders… the possibilities are truly endless.

In addition, is a work operating system that can be linked with other social networks and methods of interactions. You can practically turn into your personal work hub. Just to give some examples, you can integrate both SurveyMonkey and Facebook; then, track your campaign and the results of your surveys – at the same time – all via This way, you have a clear and integrated view of everything that is happening within your business.

The list of social networks and tools that can be integrated is practically endless, but don’t just take my word for it – see for yourself as well! is suitable for any kind of business. If you are starting an online business it is a perfect tool to visualize your sales pipeline has llamas!

As mentioned at the beginning, is an incredible tool to visualize any aspect of your business. Among the several widgets it offers, there is one that deserves special attention: the llamas.

As the team of said, “ the llama farm is something you never knew you needed but won’t be able to live without.” The llamas’ farm is a graph that can be used to illustrate any aspect of your workflow. The widget represents any item as a llama; colors and shapes of the llamas represent different performances and aspects of the chosen item.

So, when you visualize your farm, you can easily compare all the llamas with each other. In this way, you easily get a clear overview of what is happening.

To conclude

In sum, is easy, intuitive, and also fun. Here at the staff of, we became quite enthusiastic about it! really helps us in managing our workflow and we have fun while using it. Its widgets and the possibility to link this work operating system with other social networks and tools definitely make it one of the best operating systems available at the moment.